Safeturn School Bus Tracking System

A location based service that helps track the safety and location of school children while in commute, anytime and anywhere.

Educational institutes across the country are steadily adopting this service for safety and security of children.

We offer end-to-end school bus

monitoring system with high quality GPS devices and other accessories.

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SOS Alerts

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Route History

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Student Attendance

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Records Entry & Exit times

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Real Time Tracking

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• Optimized routes to save time, fuel & money, contributing to go green.
• No more calls from anxious parents to know location of their child in case of delay.
• Prevent delays in bus arrivals

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• On demand report for handling queries / concerns around transport
• Audit reports (student attendance, location, speed, distance, etc)
• Get a history of all trips & a weekly summary to increase the efficiency of bus operations


Manage your time Expected Time of Arrival (ETA)

Receive SMS and notifications while bus is nearing pickup / drop points and track exact location of bus so that no longer your children have to wait in the hot sun, pouring rain and freezing temperatures.

Mobile Access Notifications Multi-People Access Distance Based Alerts.

• Authorize additional guardians as trackers.
• Route guide, pick up, and drop off stops visible on map.
• Student attendance for bus using ID Cards.
• Feedback feature (Driver/Bus) for parents.
• SOS button in case of any emergency and SMS will be sent to boarded child’s parents and school admin